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InnEA's Solution for the Biomethane from By-Products

Orient the agriculture to alternatives energy production is a possible way for the realization of a sustainable development strategy.

The system is organized along two main lines:

  • The organc line: After the pretreatment process of the by-products, the plant sends to the anaerobic digester the liquid to a high content of organic biomass for the production of biogas, organic fertilizer and water;
  • The biomethane/cogeneration line: After the process of purification of the biogas, a section of upgrading remove the CO2 (recovered and not dispersed in the environment) for the production of natural methane, and/or the biogas is entered into the co-generator for the production of electrical and thermal energy.

A Management software automates the operation of all operating components of the system and the remote control system allows the supervision and the teleservice. 

InnEA | By-Products Plants - Flow System Scheme

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