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Associated Companies

S.P.I. S.r.l. (Società Politecnica Italiana)

Since 1885 specialized in Engineering and Environmental, deals with research and designing in the following sectors: environment, renewable energy, wastewater treatments and solid waste disposal. With over 70 plants built worldwide, deals with the promotion and realization of Waste To Energy plants for the trea ment of Municipal Solid Waste through an integrated new technology, using International Patents created by Eng. Enrico Vincenti.

Fortini Service S.r.l.

More than 50 years in the field of industrial hydraulics.

S.E.E.R S.r.l.

40 years in electrical engineering and electronics, have also developed the managing.

Commercial Service And Intelligence Service Innovation (ISI S.r.l.)

Since 1964 alongside companies with business management consulting and administration. Strongly committed over the last decade in the creation and management of international projects on behalf of major corporations.

E.T.M. S.r.l. (Electric Trading Marketing)

Has forty years experience in trading and marketing over the world dealing with renewable energy in the automotive sector.

M.I.P. S.r.l. 

Leader in the installation of industrial pipelines ranging from hydro to petrochemical.

Consorzio ABN

42 cooperatives are part of it, with more than 11,000 employees. General contractor (EPC contracts) formally qualified to build and maintain power plants, focuses on the development of innovative business models through community involvement. The Consorzio ABN is an ESCO (Energy Service Company) accredited by GRTN since 2005.

Alessi S.r.l.

Diversified in various activities in the field of plant engineering, leader in the construction and design of systems for the selection of waste, it is a global supplier of technology selection and recovery of materials undifferentiated as well as a promoter of technology for the production of Bio-Gas from organic waste.

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