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InnEA's Solution for the Biomethane from O.F.M.S.W.

Our system is conceived and designed as an integrated platform to process the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste, using some of the best available technology to recover the maximum value from waste, minimizing the amount of waste taken to the landfill.

The system is organized along two main lines:

  • The organc line: Where the biowaste (O.F.M.S.W.) is pretreated and used to feed the digesters producing biogas. At the end of the process, a centrifugal separates the digestate in water and organic amendment for composting;
  • The biomethane/cogeneration line: After the process of purification of the biogas, a section of upgrading remove the CO2 (recovered and not dispersed in the environment) for the production of natural methane, and/or the biogas is entered into the co-generator for the production of electrical and thermal energy.

A Management software automates the operation of all operating components of the system and the remote control system allows the supervision and the teleservice. 

InnEA | OFMSW Plant - Flow System Scheme 

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