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GM Green Methane S.p.A.

Company of the Marchi Industrie Group since 1873 the history of the Italian chemical. GM is the world leader in the purification of Bio-Gas allowing its transformation into Bio-Methane and the consequent injection into the network. It is proposed as a strategic supplier and privileged, as well as a customer, investor and convinced promoter of our technologies.

Officine Piccini

From a small workshop founded in 1949 to a global reality. Realize private and public infrastructure in different continents, is proposed as a General Contractor in the countries with which it maintains economic relations.

Veragon Italia S.r.l.

Mineral water from the air... a " miraculous" project. Synergy in order to produce mineral water using the energy extracted from the waste. High-tech Government and humanitarian projects.

Bicarjet Solvay

Solvay Group company is a supplier and partner R&D promoting ecological systems based bicarbonates specifically formulated to control odor emissions and reducing air pollutants.

M.P. Inox

Company specializing in the processing of stainless steel for the construction of digesters, already partner of SPI srl (Studio Vincenti) in the construction of various plants.

Biogest Service S.r.l.

Company specializing in the development of an innovative composting system with a method that, through aerobic fermentation induced, transforms the digestate into fertilizer for the soil, eliminating liquids that require expensive transport and storage.

Wonderware (by Schneider Electric)

Company market leader in the field of software for the management of industrial activities in real time: Supervisory HMI, GeoSCADA, Mobile Solutions, Production Management, MES, Performance Management, as well as solutions for integration with asset management applications, supply chain and ERP.

COPE (Consorzio Punto Europa)

Information center for planning the EU social and economic policies.

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